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 Development programs


       The essence of our development programs is to increase the efficiency of all departments. We start from the service department in accordance with the principle: ""The first car sells dealer, each subsequent - good service"", after that the spare parts department. The effect of changes in after-sales will increase customer loyalty and trust which will translate into a measurable increase in sales.

Available programs which we offer: 

  1. Development of a dealer - full activity;
  2. The development through changes in the dealer's service and spare parts departments;
  3. Organization and development of the service body repair - paint;
  4. Organization and development of sales department;
  5. PThe development program of used cars;

Each of these programs consists of:

  • Audit, during which will be assessed the current activities of the organization - all aspects of operational activity will be included
  • presentation of the results of the audit, during which the owner or management company will be able to learn the proposals, capabilities of the company and profits of providing training;
  • Trainings, which aims are improving all aspects of the organization;
  • Monitoring which, after implementation of the program will inform ,the owner or management of the company, about a better functioning;


   All detailed information about development programs  pwill be presented to you at the meeting. In order to arrange such a meeting, please use the contact form in contact. We will respond as soon as possible.


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